Corina Julca




Many of us live far away from our families and form new ties here in Boulder. If we’re fortunate, we come to recognize some of our neighbors as a new community. Some of us have lived in Boulder for a long time and feel very rooted in an existing community. In any case, these communities are real. They should not be disparaged.


Whether I’m looking at potential demolitions of large buildings that are home to people on middle to low incomes or at potential demolitions of large parts of a neighborhood, what I see is the loss of a community. I am running to support the people who live in Boulder and are struggling to stay here. They can be found in many neighborhoods. I am running to support communities.


I am also running to support the Latino community, as I am an immigrant from Peru. The Latino community is the largest source of diversity in Boulder. This group enriches Boulder through its culture and language. I will do my best to help immigrants as they are under attack by the Trump administration. The role of the City of Boulder should be to offer services to help the Latino community as its members face threat of arrest, deportation and harassment.


On a lighter note, I will lead outreach initiatives to involve underserved groups in Boulder, creating programs to bring diverse populations to Open Space, to concerts and other performances. I will also encourage involvement in the City’s decision-making process.


It’s my position that the social safety net is of the utmost importance and should not be subjected to budget cuts. I would like to become involved in collaboration between the City and BVSD on improving outcomes for low-income children in Boulder.


With regard to the homeless and transient situation in Boulder, I am aware that this is a divisive topic. Finding the balance between compassion for the least fortunate and rolling out the welcome carpet to transients across the state (or nation) is difficult. A struggle is raging in many parts of the US, especially California. I will research this issue thoroughly, if I am elected to Council.