Corina Julca




The countdown to a new reality consisting of catastrophic temperatures and a vast increase in extreme weather events is frightening. Climate change threatens to make large areas of our planet uninhabitable. It is the duty of elected officials to take immediate action. If I’m elected, I can say that my approach will

most definitely not be “business as usual.” We owe it to the next generation, to our children, to prioritize policies that reduce carbon emissions and transition quickly towards renewable energy. We owe it to all citizens to immediately take on the fracking industry in Colorado, which is causing dangerous pollution of the air along the Front Range.


In July, Boulder declared a climate emergency ( and is now in the process of updating its climate goals through the Climate Mobilization Action Plan. I aim to be involved in finding solutions in this crucial arena. Boulder should lead the way. As Boulder strives to switch to 100% renewable electricity, municipalization plays an important role. I will support progress towards a Boulder-owned electrical utility, and I will try to ensure that the citizens of Boulder make an informed decision.

As the Trump administration is rolling back regulations on pollution and is taking away incentives for green energy, it is more important than ever that local and state governments take the lead.

In November, Boulder voters will be asked to approve an Open Space sales tax to fund maintenance of our beloved lands and the purchase of an easement at Long’s Gardens ( I fully support this tax to ensure the future of our Open Space, which is so essential to the people living here and to the abundant wildlife, and the future of this incredible urban farm, with its mix of irises and goats and happy, visiting families.


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